Welcome to FERMENT!

About us

The service of FERMENT is to provide a place of FabLab*1 where the customer can enjoy the exciting and innovative experiences with cutting edge technological facilities. Additionally, we offer not only a FabLab, but also an opportunity that customer can receive combination service of FabLab and Food. Why do not you visit FERMENT? FERMENT offers you both a place and programmed classes with workshops which held in English. See what you can do at FERMENT.

Original cake?

You can bake a cake for their parent’s wedding anniversary and make an original lettered message on it using the latest technology thanks to FabLab’s equipment.


You can come to FERMENT and join a workshop to try their hand at making traditional fermented food, such as soy sauce or soy paste, and view the fermenting process first hand using a microscope.


You can use one of the most advanced microwaves called ‘Bistro’, which is produced by Panasonic, to store the favorite recipe, and can share it to others.
Both people living in provinces and city are seeking for an opportunity of having new ideas and a good connection with people in different regions. Therefore, they participate in workshops which provide those chances.

For farmers?

Farmers can bring excess crops to FERMENT and turn them into pickled goods all packaged and ready to sell at local markets.

These are some examples of what FERMENT offers to customer. FERMENT has infinite possibilities in it.


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